Living on an Island

I took a letter to the post office to be mailed yesterday. As I stepped into line I heard a rooster crow inside the building. I couldn’t believe my ears. As I stood waiting, I could see a man at the counter with a big wooden box and he was mailing chickens! He got done with one box and pulled up another that had been setting next to the wall. When he had completed his transaction, filling out forms, the postal clerk picked up the big box and moved it to their storage area. The chickens started crowing and were quite loud inside the building. The clerk scraped his fore arm on the wooden box, so he paused to get another form (I figured it was a workman’s injury form) from a co-worker. When it was my turn at the counter, I got this postal worker.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

Oh, sure.”

When do you get a pick up so you don’t have to listen to that all day?” I asked.

They’re going by over night delivery. But if they aren’t quiet, I’m eating them for dinner.” He smiled at his joke. “Actually they get picked up at noon.”

I was glad because even I wouldn’t want to listen to loud, crowing chickens all day.

Living on an island is an adventure. All I could think of was how far the chickens were going to travel. Were they going to another island? Were they being shipped to the mainland? Were they a special breed? Special layers? Or fighting cocks? Were they going to a fair or other chicken competition?

I didn’t think that the chickens would be coming back, because Kauai is very careful about letting agriculture of any kind on our island for fear of bringing in foreign substances and diseases.

Oh, the Kauai chickens are so much fun!


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