New Year Poetry Postcard Exchange

For the New Year, Jone MacCulloch organized a post card exchange among children’s poets.  I got mine done early.  I did water color washes on the right sized paper and then wrote an individual haiku on each wash.  It was a fun, easy, quick project for the 10 people I sent my cards to.

We had until the Chinese New Year, this weekend to complete our mailings.  Many of the poets ordered their postcards from one of the on-line services with their poem printed over a photograph.  But this meant all of their poems to their recipients were the same.  Quick and easy and ten people have snail mail in their home mail boxes.

I received another of the 10 I’m supposed to get yesterday and the return label was decorated with “Live, Laugh, Love.”  I love the alliteration, but I always smile when I see those inspirational messages that come in threes.  Being a children’s poet means that I love words and learning the meanings.  And when I look at those three words, I do have to ask myself, how can one NOT live?  If I’m reading the message, I must be alive.  Isn’t it rather silly to tell someone to live?   I think it would be better–keeping with the alliteration–to tell someone to Laugh, Love and Learn.

The other one I’ve seen is Breathe.  How can one not breathe?  If you aren’t breathing you couldn’t read the message in the first place. It is sort of like the nurse telling you to relax just before she gives you a shot.

So, even though those messages don’t work for me, they do make me laugh and as they say, Laughter is the best medicine.


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