Dear Librarian,

It has come to our attention that your collection, like most, doesn’t contain enough children’s poetry.

We know you feel terrible about this and will rectify the situation immediately.


I saw a sign similar to this in an art gallery in Melbourne, Australia.  I’m printing cards with this message to leave at the libraries and book stores I visit.

Would you like to join this  guerrilla  poetry action?



3 thoughts on “Dear Librarian,

    • Absolutely! I was at a Barnes and Noble recently and they had 3 Shel Silverstein books, 1 J/ Patrick Lewis and 10 copies of Kenn Nesbitt’s latest book–it wasn’t even a 1/4 shelf of children’s poetry books. A real travesty. There are so many wonderful, useful, meaningful children’s poetry books that could really be a comfort to a child–and not a one was on their shelf.

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