An abecedarian is a special kind of alphabetic acrostic poem.  It uses the letters of the alphabet to tell a story.  Each line of the poem begins with a successive letter of the alphabet.  This form is frequently used for children’s picture books Perhaps one of the most famous abecedarian poems is Psalm 119 from the Bible which uses 22 octave stanzas to cover the Hebrew alphabet.  The Japanese have a form, the Iroha mojigusari, which has the line begin with the first letter and then end with the second letter of the alphabet. So, Lesson 2 in the poetry challenge from our Blogging University course featured the prompt word GIFT.  It was suggested that the poem be an acrostic (it didn’t have to be an abecedarian), and include a simile.  So here is my poem.


Annually, the whole family


Comes together like two

Dozen ditzy

Entertainers at a

Fun party to play

Games.  We

Have cake and

Ice cream with

Jimmies and fudge sauce. Mom


Licking the



Off her

Pinkie finger.  She’s

Queen of the day

Receiving  company,


Tail relatives who carry

Under an arm,

Violins, (fiddles) banjos, guitars and Uncle

Willy has his mouth harp to

eXpress his happiness,

Yearning to celebrate young

Zoe’s birthday with a musical gift.


8 thoughts on “ABECEDARIAN

  1. Thank you for your affirming comment in response to the acrostic about the “fierce” little girl who died from brain cancer; I appreciate your taking time to read and respond. Selfishly, I am so glad you did. I love your poem and am so glad to learn about its type. God bless you! Thanks so much!

  2. Reminded myself of your acrostic that I had previously commented on. It’s so lively and smooth, like the conversation and body language that takes place at a family gathering. I enjoyed rereading, and will definitely keep this format in mind thanks to your expert modeling! God bless you!

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