Every morning I walk two miles with my husband.  It is good exercise and it is also a great time for meditation or creative visualization.
Since I live in Tucson, AZ it can get pretty hot very early, so as the summer rolls around we get up earlier and earlier to get our walk in before the heat of the day.
I’ve seen some pretty spectacular sunrises over our desert.  But this morning as I was walking, I was thinking that it is the sunsets that are more often spectacular than sunrises.  They’re filled with beautiful, vibrant colors.  The purples, reds and oranges are an inspiration.
This got me to thinking about sunsets every where and how some people pause to look for the green flash at sunset and how drinks in the evening when folks pause are called sundowners.  I came to the conclusion that the beauty of sunset is far greater than the sunrise and it made me question that metaphor of a sunset and our sunset years.  Is that time (our sunset years) not meant to be richer, more fulfilling–just a lot more fun than those early growth years?  Perhaps that sunset is a promise from some higher being that our later years will be the best years.  That our lives are meant to be filled with rich colors and rich experiences.
And the best is yet to be.

Just something to think about.



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