I’m so excited that April is finally here.  To help celebrate National Poetry Month, I’m participating in the progressive poem that Irene Latham has organized.  Today starts the first line supplied by Charles Waters and then on each successive day another poet will add a line to the poem. 

Here is the schedule:  (sorry for the crazy code)

<b>2014 Kidlitosphere</b><br />

<b>Progressive Poem</b><br />

<br />

1 Charles at <a href=”http://www.charleswaterspoetry.com/#!blog/c16qh”>Poetry Time</a><br />

2 Joy at <a href=”http://www.joyacey.wordpress.com/”>Joy Acey</a><br />

3 Donna at <a href=”http://www.mainelywriter.blogspot.com/”>Mainely Write</a><br />

4 Anastasia at <a href=”http://anastasiasuenpoetpoet.wordpress.com/“>Poet! Poet!</a><br />

5 Carrie at <a href=”http://www.storypatch.wordpress.com/”>Story Patch</a><br />

6 Sheila at <a href=”http://www.sheilarenfro.blogspot.com/”>Sheila Renfro</a><br />

7 Pat at <a href=”http://www.writeronahorse.blogspot.com/”>Writer on a Horse</a><br />

8 Matt at <a href=”http://www.MattForrest.wordpress.com”>Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme</a><br />

9 Diane at <a href=”http://www.randomnoodling.com/”>Random Noodling</a><br />

10 Tabatha at <a href=”http://www.tabathayeatts.blogspot.com/”>The Opposite of Indifference</a><br />

11 Linda at <a href=”http://www.lindakulp.blogspot.com/”>Write Time</a><br />

12 Mary Lee at <a href=”http://www.readingyear.blogspot.com/”>A Year of Reading</a><br />

13 Janet at <a href=”http://www.irenelatham.blogspot.com/”>Live Your Poem</a><br />

14 Deborah at <a href=”http://www.show–nottell.blogspot.com/”>Show–Not Tell</a><br />

15 Tamera at <a href=”http://www.tamerawillwissinger.com/the-writers-whimsy”>The Writer’s Whimsy</a><br />

16 Robyn at <a href=”http://www.robynhoodblack.com/blog.htm”>Life on the Deckle Edge</a><br />

17 Margaret at <a href=”http://www.reflectionsontheteche.wordpress.com/”>Reflections on the Teche</a><br />

18 Irene at <a href=”http://www.irenelatham.blogspot.com/”>Live Your Poem</a><br />

19 Julie at <a href=”http://www.julielarios.blogspot.com/”>The Drift Record</a><br />

20 Buffy at <a href=”http://www.buffysilverman.com/blog”>Buffy Silverman</a><br />

21 Renee at <a href=”http://www.nowaterriver.com/”>No Water River</a><br />

22 Laura at <a href=”http://www.authoramok.blogspot.com/”>Author Amok</a><br />

23 Amy at <a href=”http://www.poemfarm.amylv.com/”>The Poem Farm</a><br />

24 Linda at <a href=”http://www.teacherdance.org/”>TeacherDance</a><br />

25 Michelle at <a href=”http://www.michellebarnes.blogspot.com/”>Today’s Little Ditty</a><br />

26 Lisa at <a href=”http://www.lisaschroederbooks.com/”>Lisa Schroeder Books</a><br />

27 Kate at <a href=”http://www.irenelatham.blogspot.com/”>Live Your Poem</a><br />

28 Caroline at <a href=”http://www.carolinestarrrose.com/blog/”>Caroline Starr Rose</a><br />

29 Ruth at <a href=”http://thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com/”>There is No Such Thing as a Godforsaken Town</a><br />

30 Tara at <a href=”http://www.ateachinglifedotcom.wordpress.com/”>A Teaching Life</a>


So, I hope this is a great month for you.  I woke early today and as soon as I got out of bed I turned around and around, three times as I said my, “Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.”  Now we will have to see if it really does bring me good luck.  So far I’m giving it a plus because I just got a phone call from a girl friend I haven’t spoken to in six months.  We used to be very close, but now that we live far apart our visits and conversations are further apart.  Who haven’t you spoken to in a while?  Can you call them today?  Here’s wishing you a great April.


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