My husband likes hardware stores. He enjoys pushing the cart through the aisles and looking at ALL the merchandise contemplating how he might use each tool, widget, and ratchet.
Every weekend we go to the hardware store. I used to joke the hardware store would go out of business if he stopped visiting.

Truth of the matter, I’m the same way about office supply stores. I love looking through all the kinds of paper available. I love looking at pens and inks. I enjoy walking the aisles to see what is new and to consider how I might use each item. My fantasy of a great time is to be locked overnight in an office supply store.
So, when the local office supply store announced they were going out of business, I went into depression. But, as the closing month wore on, I discovered they were having deeper and deeper discounts on their dwindling supplies. Now that there are only three days left, they are giving 90% discounts on some items. I found myself in hog heaven. I bought two new fountain pens and a Cross pen set. I bought velum and some other papers. But the most exciting thing is all those beautiful leather journals I have drooled over for years–I bought some of those too. Oh, what an exciting day I’ve had.
I think if someone invented a perfume Eau du Papele, I’d buy a gallon. (My French is lousy and my spelling is worse, I hope you get what I mean; I don’t wear perfume often.)
Where is your favorite place to hang out? Oh, the boxes of pencils, they are only discounted 40%. Go figure.


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