I keep this blog for my musing on adult topics and adult poetry–or rather poems that I think are not appropriate for children.

Since most of my writing is focused on children, I do not post to this blog regularly.

But I found out this morning a friend had passed three days ago and I wasn’t expecting it. I’m saddened by the news, and the best way I know to deal with my emotions is to write.

So here is the poem that arrived this morning.


First you learn them
in one’s and two’s.
As a boy this one had polio.
This one did Rope Walk.
He was allergic to bees.
She had a son in the Coast Guard.
Too soon you hear
they are all leaving–
a car accident,
even questions of suicide.
After awhile memory leaves too.
You turn to a friend,
ask, Is he still around?
Or, Has she disappeared?
I must make a note,
first thing this morning,
to call a friend
to say

Of course it is free verse. I have no idea why when I write for adults the words come out in free verse more often than not. But when it comes to writing for children I have a difficult time writing free verse.

Actually I had initially planned to end the poem after the second question, but in transferring from note pad to computer file, I felt the need for something more to lift the poem at the end.

Hope you have a great weekend. Happy writing.

I have also posted this poem on David L. Harrison’s blog
in his WOM (Word of the Month) Challenge. The word for January is FIRST.


2 thoughts on “FRIENDS

    • Thanks Catherine,
      I think the difficulty for me with this loss is that it happened so quickly. And I’m sure the loss was a much greater blow to her husband and two sons–plus the wives and grandkids. But, it does make me more aware of the many friends I have and I thank you for your comment and for being a friend. I do enjoy reading your poetry too.

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