Spot and I walked to the local Starbucks on Sunday for our weekly coffee.  I carry a backpack with his water bowl and doggie cookies.  The Sunday newspaper  is carried in the backpack too. 

    We sit outside and enjoy ourselves as people come up to visit with Spot and give him a pet.

    Last Sunday, I spied a woman wearing a t-shirt with the word OBEY in big letters on the front.  To be fair, I think in smaller letters there was something about propaganda, but I couldn’t clearly read the fine print and I didn’t want to stare at the poor woman’s bust to decipher the message.

    Just OBEY was enough to get my mind rolling.  My immediate reaction was, I don’t want to obey.  So then I started thinking about all the times and people we do want to obey.  I know children are taught to obey their parents, but I got to thinking the commandment is to “honor” thy mother and father–not obey.

    I remember in driver’s education we were taught to obey speed laws. There are good reasons for following this dictim

I got to thinking how it irritates me when my spouse expects me to obey. Ah, yes the marriage vows that have “Love, honor and obey,” in them.

And then I realized, one of the delicious reasons I LOVE being a children’s poet is because I don’t have to obey all the rules. I can make my own rules, and obviously I do enjoy making up new rules.
I find I’m happiest when I’m following my own rules.

What does OBEY mean in your life? What rules do you choose to obey? Which ones do you try to ignore or reject?


One thought on “OBEY

  1. oooooh…. good topic. And how did I NOT know this blog existed? I go to your children’s blog a lot…. but I’m glad I found this one. Anyway, back to the word, “obey”. OUCH. Such a hard one.

    I have issues with this, too. Obeying God is always good for me, but I don’t always want to do it. Obeying my hubby? Bless him, he has learned not to expect it. I did NOT have the word “obey” in my vows because I didn’t want to break the vow the first hour i was married. LOL! 🙂

    I am going to comb through this blog over the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing all you have written!

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