Only 35 Days Left to Make A Name for Yourself

Yup, there it was coming from Writer’s Digest an email about only having 35 days left. Of course I had to open the mail after having the subject set my heart to flutter. but then I was disappointed, all Writer’s Digest wanted to do is sell me a package of instructional materials before the end of the year.
The really interesting question is what would you do if there were only 35 days left?
And then of course there is the question, what kind of name do you want for yourself? Not like Mary, Jane, or Bill. But what is it you want to be known for?
I know for myself I want to be known as a good children’s poet, but I also want to be know as someone who encourages the writing of poetry in and for children.
Sometime back “O” magazine had an exercise in writing your life in 6 words. It does make one wonder what your epitaph will be. I always thought when I die, people will say, “She was very nice.” Oh how I hate that word “nice.”
So, if I eliminate the word nice, what other words could I use to describe myself?
And better than planning what to do with the next 36 days, I’ll just take one day at a time and try to be the very best that I can be on that day. Each day I’ll do a little more, and after awhile it will become easier.
I find that is true with submissions, if I do one, the next one is easier. I’m certainly hoping that the rejections get to be the same way–. that if I can take one, the next one will be easier.  But, it never seems that way.


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