Jody poem

Following a friend on facebook, I saw a comment about a ‘jody poem.’ I didn’t know this form, so I did a “google” search and didn’t even come up with a Wiki page for “jody” poems. There were several listings for poets with the first name Jody, and a page that was a poem for a deceased young man named Jody Goad, but nothing that fit perfectly to be a definition of a ‘jody’ poem. (I thought maybe it might be a poem to goad someone.)
So, I added to the comments asking what a jody poem was. The response I got was that it is a rhyming poem to help set pace and breathing of a runner. Some of the verses are raunchy to add to the fun to keep a runner running to the end of the race. A poem of encouragement.
I knew about runners encouraging each other. I’ve always admired runners who would sacrifice their own good ending to a race to help another win.
When I lived in Oxford, England my son attended Graycotes with Roger Bannister’s grandson and I got to know a lot about his winning in breaking a record for a four minute mile.  Always there was the mention that Bannister didn’t break the recond on his own; he had lots of help from other runners.
Wasn’t it only last year that there was a woman in the Boston marathon that was surrounded by other runners, many of them men, encouraging her on to complete the race?
So how come I’ve never heard of this nonce form of poetry? I think I’d love to see a collection of Jody poems–encouraging poems for those times when you need a little extra push to get to the finish line.
Does anyone have titles to recommend?  Would you like to try writing your own jody poem?


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