I love Sundays because the pace is a little slower and more relaxed. My brother-in-law is visiting, so we all walked to the Starbuck’s at the end of the road for coffee. Of course we took our dog Spot with us. We were all pleased with what a beautiful day it was shaping up to be.
When we got back from our walk, I put the trash we’d picked up along the way in the trash cans and then walked through my husband’s work shop to get back into the house. There are windows on two sides of the workshop and the window closest to the door I came thru had a Costas hummingbird up at the top of the window trying to get out. I left the door open, but I couldn’t encourage the bird to fly out. It kept flying higher and I couldn’t reach the bird. So I went and got the step stool and a cloth to trap the bird in. I was trying to be so careful. The little hummingbird is so tiny and I imagine it’s bones are very, very tiny and fragile. All I could think of was that its beak might break if I wasn’t careful and I’d do more damage than good. So I got the bird trapped in the cloth in the corner of the window, but when I tried gently to move the hummer out of that corner, the bird flew to the window in the adjacent wall. Since the bird was flying I tried to direct it out the door and after a couple of directive swipes, the hummingbird flew out the window and on its way.
My mother collected hummingbirds when she was alive and my sister and I have always thought Mom was checking on us whenever we’d see a hummingbird. So I feel like Mom came to see me today. It was a lovely warm day.
Later in the day, I was checking the pool. As I was walking around the edge of the pool, I noticed a dark something on the bottom of the pool, about three inches long. I thought it might be a leaf on the bottom, until I looked more closely and saw it was a little ringed lizard. so I walked to the fence to get the skimmer to scoop the lizard out. On my way around the pool, I saw a small green and black snake sitting on top of the chlorine dispenser at the edge of the pool. The snake lifted its head, stuck its tongue out to hiss at me and raised his tail to shake. So I used the skimmer to get the snake out of the pool and then tipped him out on the other side of the fence. Then I scooped out the lizard and dumped it about two feet from the snake.
The spa was getting warm, so I put on my swimsuit and sat in the spa reading a book about Indian Spirit Dreams and watching the sky change from day to early evening. The clouds were looking very interesting. The tops of the clouds were turning dark black and the bottoms of the clouds were yellow. In the east the clouds were pink and purple, but over head yellow and gray. The mare’s tail clouds were orange.
And while I sat in the spa listening to the flute music that my husband had piped through the outdoor speakers, suddenly three doves flew over the spa and with a cry continued hurriedly on their way. And then it became obvious why the birds had taken flight when a Coopers hawk alit on the fence. He sat there for quite awhile. The bird’s head bobbed in beat with the music. I watched the clouds float over the waxing moon and then the hawk flew on into the evening.
Like I said, it has been a lovely day.


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