Coyote in the Canyon

On the walk this morning, I saw a coyote crossing the road.
“Look, look,” I pointed in my excitement.
And then the coyote was gone in the scrub and I could no longer see it. I kept looking around as I got to the spot where I’d last seen the coyote.
I always have to remind myself when I see a coyote, bobcat, rabbit, squirrel or lizard–this is a wild animal.
I do feel like it is a privilage that I’ve been allowed to see this wild creature. But, I know I must watch from a distance. Like a proscenium arch seperates actors from audience. I too, must be seperated by some distance from the wild creature. If I get too close, the animal may react against me. This is definately true of the snakes that are around here.
I also am aware that this is the animal’s territory and I am the interloper. I can only walk this way with respect.
Now if the animal invades my space, that is another situation. When there are trantulas or scorpions inside my house, the animal does so to his peril.
I once used a glass to trap a trantula, so that I could take it outside. But with the scorpions, I have few qualms about getting rid of them. I do not want to accidently step on a scorpion in the middle of the night in my bare feet when I get up to go to the bathroom. And yes, I do feel badly about this action. But if one believes in reincarnation, I am only hurrying along the next higher transformation.
It always surprises me that the dog who is with me on my walks has never taken off to chase the rabbits, or the one time I came face to face with a female bobcat, Spot didn’t even react to seeing the animal not more than 10 feet from us. We all stared at each other for several seconds before turning and walking away from each other.
So, I’m thankful that I was given the gift of seeing the coyote this morning. It was a beautiful sight. And who knows how much longer such sights will be available for walkers in my neighborhood. Too soon everything will be tamed. The animals will disappear, even the squirrels.
What wild life is available around where you live?


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