10,000 Poems

Every morning I take a two mile walk with my husband and our dog Spot. This week I’ve taken along the Walkman and have been listening to music along the way. This is fun for me because my husband set the walkman up. He put all the albums on it. The machine shuffles all the songs and I get a random mix. For me, this is important. I don’t want to know what the next song is going to be. I want to be surprised.
Most of the songs are just music without words. And what an eclectic mix it is. The Zydeco is next to the classical, the slack key just after the concert chello. The Celtic harp is next to the reaggae.
One song got me thinking, probably because there were lyrics. Joan Baez was singing 10,000 miles. I started to think about how far 10,000 miles is. I thought about how far I walk in a week, a month, a year. Considering that 2 miles isn’t the only walking I do every day, I probably put in at least 4 miles a day. Multiply that by the two and a half years I’ve lived in Tucson and have walked every morning and my husband says, I’ve walked “half way across the country.” Durn, too bad I didn’t do that literally, or should I say laterally?
But then I got to thinking about the poem-a-day I post on my blog http://www.poetryforkidsjoy.blogspot.com and I’ve been doing this for almost two years now. And doing my rough math, I figured in three years I could write over 1,000 poems. So it would take 30 years to write 10,000 poems. Not a bad career for a children’s poet. I honestly think this is do-able before I die. What a fun challenge.
But then again, I was never very good at math, which is why I like writing poetry instead of working in a bank.


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