March 2, 2012

     I have a friend Cory Corrado who has put together a beautiful photo book of flowers growing in her backyard.  The theme of the book is flowers are smiles.  this morning when I was on my walk I was thinking about her lovely book and the text that suggested that each of us should smile more (and more flowers would grow) and if we smiled more people would smile back.  Her pictures were bright yellow Black-Eyed Susans and other wild flowers.        It got me to thinking.  I love my morning walks because it does give me time to think.  I came up with this and I’m not sure how I will use this line.  I’m hoping a poem will develop, but probably it is whole in itself.  What do you think?  I did share my quote with Cory.

Already I’m thinking of the photos to go with this quote.



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