Feb. 28, 2012

I’ve been busy today trying to get lots of little tasks done since I’ve been away for the weekend.  While I write, the washing machine and the dryer are busy working too.

I did get my suitcase emptied.  I have a stack of new journals sitting on my desk.  My sister and I made journals while I was visiting her for her birthday.

It seems funny to me that the world is getting older.  I knew this would happen, but that big bubble from the baby boom after the war is supposed to sustain itself on through the 90’s of that cohort.  so while everyone else seems to be aging, I don’t feel it personally.  I’m still a kid at heart looking for the fun kid things to do.  Like crafting and making journals.

And the fun thing about having new journals is now I need to write things to go in them.  One I’m going to leave in my bathroom to record my weight and blood pressure and I want to keep a record of the things I’m eating because I really, really need to get serious about dropping the 20 pounds I have put on in the last two years.  Being in Tucson either is agreeing with me too much or not at all.  But, I cannot put on an extra 10 pounds each year.  That is not healthy.

Plus having red velvet cheese cake for my sister’s birthday, followed the next night by coconut cream pie and then chocolate layer cake on Sunday night–that’s just not a healthy way to eat.  But, ohhh it tasted so good.  Plus, I need to find a gym in tucson and some exercise classes to get this bum moving.

Any suggestions?


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